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Fitness trainer,Fitness Academy | पोस्ट किया | खेल

Does Dhoni lie about his age?


Sameer Kumar

Software engineer at HCL technologies | पोस्ट किया | खेल

क्या धोनी अपनी उम्र के बारे में झूठ बोलते है?


(BBA) in Sports Management | पोस्ट किया

Well, I don’t think Dhoni lies about his age. In fact, he is getting better with age. It’s all because of his fitness, 100% dedication for every game he plays, and his physical activities. He 36-year-old, and an excellent player.


Optician | पोस्ट किया

now a days I am watching him in IPL I don’t think that he is 36 years old he is playing like and youngster of 26 years playing. Yes I can say that yes he is lying about his age.


@letsuser | पोस्ट किया


No Ms Dhoni Age is wrong. His actual DOB is 7.7.1976. Just imagine, when he was 12year old then he got interested in cricket and then start playing cricket. Just imagine suppose his dob is 7.7.1981. According to his age on cricinfo site when he was 12years old that means in 1993 he got interested for playing cricket

In 1995 he started playing cricket at school reginal level
Then in 1999 how he debut domestic cricket
And also mention he had done bcom
Though in 2001 may month be become ticket collector
This shows that Dhoni is 42year old
But he is very positive and work hard person and lot of stamina
3rd thing is just imagine धोनी की दाङी बहुत सफेद हो गई है 2वर्ष पहले ही उसकी दाङी सफेद होना चालू हुई that means when he was 35 year old
There are rest of cricketers whose age are fraud like suresh raina, kapil dev, Ravi Shastry, praveen kumar R.P Singh etc
Sehwag, munaf, zaheer etc these guy dnt know their actual DOB
Sehwag was born in 1976
Zaheer 1975or76 munaf 1979


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