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Brij Gupta

Optician | पोस्ट किया |

What are the best computer tips and tricks to be more productive?


Sumil Yadav

| पोस्ट किया |

अधिक Productive होने के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ Computer Tips & Tricks क्या हैं?


Entrepreneur | पोस्ट किया

“More productive”?? It depends on what you do and what kind of productivity you’re looking for. I mean, like computer productivity tips are much different for writers and designers.

That being said, there are many cool tricks on your Windows computers that many people don’t even know about. One of the most overlooked features of Windows is the inbuilt task scheduler. From maintenance to alarm setup to picture uploads – you can schedule an awful lot of things on your computer. It’s not really a trick, but it’s a productivity feature that many people don’t care to use. 

Another trick I find very helpful is moving the entire window to one side of the screen. Just press and hold on the Windows button on your keyword and then use the arrow buttons (up, down, left, right), and the entire window will shift to one side of the screen. It helps me sort all my windows and uncluttered things. 

The quick trick to clear my cache is also a personal favorite. Instead of going to the setting of your browser and squint to find the right option, just do a shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + R. It will easily clear your cache. 

There are plenty more such tricks. Which one would be good for you depends on how you define productivity. 

Check out the list of tricks by Business Insiders here. Prophet Hacker has a nice list on this topic as well; check it out here.  



HP technical service provider | पोस्ट किया

Here i gives some computer tips for more productive:

1) use voice command that help you save your time from typing.

2) Use God mode that help you control every thing in your system.

3) Use tablet mode in a PC that help you to do multiple work in a same time.

4) Go to the setting and set wifi mode for low data use at good wifi speed.

According to me this is very useful for every one must have knowledge about this.

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